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Moving On Up


Things have really been going well with business and life lately. We have had an incredible influx in resources lately that have allowed us to really expand and build a great future for ourselves.

We were able to purchase a new Tahoe for our expanding family. and now we are on to our next adventure, a new home. We have decided to take our family a little further into the rural areas so we can have a little more space and freedom to do what we would really like to do.

The biggest down fall to this has been the moving process. I am not the most organized person and I have moved more times in the past 10 years than I would like to admit. I abhor moving. It is my kryptonite.

Luckily, as I mentioned earlier we have been blessed with a recent increase in business and resources so I decided to do a little research on moving companies. You know the usual prices, services, recommendations, and all the nitty gritty. Yes we have the funds available right now but I am still a very frugal person. I don’t like to waste or overspend on anything.

After doing extensive research I found some movers that would come in pack the entire house, load it, and move it to the new house all within the few days it would actually take to perform this task. Each night they would take the load they had packed that day to the new house. We didn’t have to wait till everything was completely packed to have it moved to the other house to begin unpacking.

We had the best experience with this move that I don’t think I could ever move any other way!


The Search for SUV


So it is finally time to upgrade the old car to something a lot nicer. I have never owned a new, fully loaded, or even nice anything. I have always kept it really practical and cheap. Something with really good gas milage that I was able to pay cash for (in order to avoid a monthly payment). But I am proud to announce it is time to own something that I can be proud to say look there is my vehicle, let me give you a ride!

I am looking for an SUV that has 4-wheel drive, a collapsable 3rd row, decent fuel milage, the option of some of the really nice creature comforts, and with an engine that could possibly pull my boat. Some of the comforts I would really like are keyless start, heated seats, the ability to connect to my phone, a backup camera, and a TV. I know these are all optional in most models but I am looking for the best deal.

There are several different types of SUV I am looking at. I am interested in the Ford Explorer or Excursion, the Chevy Tahoe or Suburban, the Acura MDX, Land Rover Range Rover, Toyota Sequoia, GMC Acadia, or even a Toyota Highlander. I will have to really do my research to find which one will work for my and my family.

If you have any words of wisdom or experience please feel free to leave them!

My Limo Build


I have been working on a project for a limo company trying to get a little more power to help them navigate the the DFW traffic.  the limo is an escalade limo that is heavy as can be.  I bet it weighs around 10K. The thing is wicked nice and and can hold around 20 people.


Anyway the power is having trouble when with it getting hot when he is load partially because it is lugging so hard when he trying  navigate through the interstates and weaver in and out of traffic.

the Limo had 8.1 liter motors which is a pretty solid platform.  I know that you aren’t going to run a drag race with it but it should be carrying that limo around.

So any way. First things first. Lets get it breathing a little better.  We are going to upgrade the exhaust form a 3 inch system to a 4 inch and then get a cold air intake to get some air moving through it.

Next we are going to advance the timing just a nudge to get a little more power out of it.  We are also going to tweak the shift points a little to keep it in the power band and help it handles the weight little better.

It is extremely impressive how much it came to life just with these tweaks.  We decide that wasn’t quite good enough so we threw in a core 4 radiator with electronic fans on it.  Between the extra power and the better cooling system I would bet  we had the overheating  and power problems solved.

After a test  drive in 105 degree heat.  we ran it though the ringer and it stayed at about 210 to 230 and ran like a dream.




Ft Worth Limo

Problem solved!

If you are ever in DFW check it out and give them a shout. You will notice it running down the road.  It has a nice rumble that nobody else in town has.


Diesel is the fuel of the future


I have been a gasser for ever and have always worked on gasoline engines but i have been involved with a couple of projects with diesels and have fallen in love.   As long as you can keep pumping air and fuel in those babies than you can keep making more power.


Or at least until you lift the head off that bad boy.  It is so much cheaper to make more power and in most cases that are designed for more head pressure than many of gasoline motors.  The foundation is so much better to build on.

I can take a give or take 350 hp cummins and take it to 800hp and 1000 ft pounds of torque for a couple of grand.

I would have to dump 10K in a gasoline motor to make that kinda power!

No to mention at least in Texas denials are only subject to s safety inspection rather than an emissions, which is definitely a plus.

It is getting harder and harder. to get around the emissions not mention that depending on what you do it can get you in major trouble.

So I could go on forever and ever about why I have fallen in love with these type of motors and and trying to save up for a build myself.  But we can save some of this goodies for some later posts.


Welcome to my Blog


I have always been of fan of anything that you can coax a little more power out of.  It is kinda a game to see how you can break an play to make the most out of whatever base you have.